The New Spirit of Sisterhood was revitalized in 2000 - A  group of committed women of Temple Sholom met on several occasions in a effort to bring the Women of Temple Sholom together in order to fulfill the commitments of the Women of Temple Sholom to Reform Judaism.  The following mission statement is the result of those meetings:

is a community of women
joined together
to do more that each one
can do alone.

We are a community of women within
the Temple Sholom Congregation,
committed to serving the spiritual,
educational and cultural needs
of our diverse membership,
both present and future.

Our goal is to encourage women
to experience Judaism and its values
through study, worship, social action,
celebration and social activities.

Sisterhood extends itself to all who
want to learn and participate in
Jewish life.


Sisterhood  responsibilities to the Temple.

Religious School:     Sisterhood and brotherhood pay for the supplies and food for all holiday celebrations.  A representative of the Parents Association sits on the Sisterhood Board as liaison, advising  and aiding Sisterhood as needed.

Oneg Fund and Floral Fund:  Sisterhood has a committee to oversee and execute the responsibilities of the Friday night and holiday Oneg events.  Bar/Bat Mitzvah families are contacted for their special simcha.  Anyone wishing to contribute to or sponsor an Oneg is encouraged to contact the Oneg Committee.  Reminder postcards are mailed on a monthly basis, encouraging members to sponsor Oneg evenings.   The Floral Committee works closely with the Oneg Committee to provide floral arrangements to the bima.  When flowers are not sponsored by any individual or family, a silk arrangement is present on the bima.

Sisterhood Membership :   The Sisterhood Membership committee works with the Temple membership committee in order to contact all new members.  A new member receives a one year complimentary membership in sisterhood in order to encourage their participation in Temple Functions and help them meet their fellow congregants.

Social Action Committee: Sisterhood is committed to helping those less fortunate than ourselves as part of our mitzvah projects.  The committee researches and chooses a variety of projects and sponsors them for the Temple at large to participate in.  These are widely advertised in the Temple Newsletter, through fliers and word of mouth.  Sisterhood is proud of its continuing role in social action issues.

Caring and Sharing Committee: The Sisterhood spearheads this committee, although it is a tri- part committee consisting of Sisterhood, Brotherhood and the General Fund of the Temple.  When a member or member family experiences any kind of illness, death, or unfortunate circumstance, Sisterhood executive board is notified by the clergy or Temple Secretary and makes sure to take appropriate measures of sympathy, caring and visiting.  

Program Committee:  The Program Committee plans events throughout the year.  Some of the events will be related to Women's issues only; some events are co-sponsored with Brotherhood; some events are planned as part of fundraising efforts to help the Temple raise needed funds in order to operate effectively.